To syncretize religious dogmas is to attempt to harmonize or unite such, without a basis for logical unity or critical examination. Syncretism is practiced in a congregation who each hold to their own creeds without attempt to harmonize the differences between the creeds; a kind of religious tolerance, if you will, that essentially encourages the members of such a religion to agree to disagree on the bases of their individual belief systems. The object of such a religious body is to congregate regardless of the truth or falsity of that which is held as dogma.  There are no set dogmas.  Each is free to believe what each chooses to believe without any critical examination and without any attempt to achieve logical unity.

So, for the sake of achieving "unity" the religious group tolerates disunity within its flock and thus even encourages such disunity.  While one might recite creed A, another would equally at the same time recite, at the same time, creed B, whilst another recites creed C.

Since the only real object of such religion of tolerance, is the assuaging of conscience, and the worship of disparate gods of one's own choosing, this represents the false notion that every pathway to the truth and to God can come from oddly opposite axiomatic beginning premises, even if opposite in ultimate outcome.  Thus in such a congregation, one person could be a Zoroastrian follower, while another could be a Hindu follower, while yet another could be a Christian denominationalist, and be in the same room worshipping without desire to come into one accord and achieve unity.

Thus, this is the object of the heresy of Ecumenism: to join together, with syncretism, disparate religions for the sake of some truce, and agreement to agree to disagree on their belief structures.

The true Christian Faith deposited by the Lord Jesus Christ does not operate with syncretism!

The Lord Jesus Christ is the WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE, and the ONLY DOORWAY to God the Father.  The Lord Jesus Christ teaches the truth and thus unity comes by such HARMONIOUS TRUTH. There is a basis for logical unity when pursuing the TRUTH, espoused by the Lord Jesus Christ.  It is the Nicene Creed which represents the exposition of the undivided Faith that expresses such unity in its DOGMA and dogmatic expression.  Thus the Church that the Lord Jesus Christ created is ONE, HOLY, UNIVERSAL, and APOSTOLIC, and its FAITH expresses CORRECT GLORY!!!

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